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Application of wind power gearbox and basic requirements to be met

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The wind power gearbox is an important mechanical part of the wind turbine. Because the speed of the wind turbine is very low, which is far from the speed required by the generator, the power generated by the wind turbine can be transmitted to the generator through the wind power gearbox, and the corresponding speed can be obtained. 

Due to the wind power gearbox is often installed in the mountain, wilderness, beach, island and other air outlets, affected by the irregular wind with variable direction and load and strong gust of wind, it is subject to the influence of hot summer, cold and extreme temperature difference all the year round. 

In addition, the natural environment and traffic are inconvenient. Once the gearbox fails, it is very difficult to repair. &because of this, there are higher requirements for the gearbox of wind power in the wind turbine, especially for its reliability and service life. 

For example, in addition to the mechanical properties under the normal state, the component materials used in the wind power gearbox should also have the characteristics of cold brittleness resistance under the low temperature state; at the same time, the gearbox should be ensured to work stably to prevent vibration and impact. 

In addition, the gearbox of wind power should have sufficient lubrication conditions, especially for the areas with large temperature difference in winter and summer, which should be equipped with appropriate heating and cooling devices; in addition, monitoring points should be set to remotely control the operation and lubrication status. Different types of wind turbine have different requirements, so the arrangement and structure of the wind turbine gearbox are also different. 

Under the influence of natural conditions, the occurrence of some special meteorological conditions may lead to the failure of wind turbine, and the dynamic matching and torsional vibration factors of the whole transmission system are always concentrated on the wind turbine gearbox, so it is necessary to pay attention to its maintenance at ordinary times.